Enhancing Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge Exchange (KE) is at the heart of university-business collaboration. Through KE, academic ideas and research are shared and external perspectives and experiences are contributed. The KE process both maximises the impact of academic work and enhances it through exposure to new sources of information.

We have worked with Research England and our members on a number of initiatives to help enhance university knowledge exchange. This includes working with Research England on the development of a new Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and supporting the development and launch of a Knowledge Exchange Concordat (KEC).

We have been an active voice and ongoing partner in implementing both initiatives, bringing feedback and the user voice to ensure the initiatives are meaningful and drive positive changes for universities and businesses.

NCUB is a member of the KEC steering group and operational group, developing the Concordat Portal where all information on the Concordat is gathered. The aim of this concordat is to give universities and their staff and students clarity of mission and to support their development to provide an accurate representation of the approach that individual universities are taking to KE.

Celebrating the Higher Education Innovation Fund

Research England’s Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) helps to unlock & enhance collaboration through building core Knowledge Exchange capacity within universities in England. The National Centre for University and Business produced a video that shows how HEIF has enabled three different universities’ innovation activities: Newcastle University, Goldsmiths, University of London and The University of Birmingham.