Research & Innovation

The UK has a world-leading academic research base and universities full of invention and new ideas. For many businesses in the UK, harnessing the power of research and innovation is critical to their future success.

Advances in how science, technology and innovations are harnessed, applied and fused together will define the future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world faces broader environmental and societal changes that present both challenges and commercial opportunity. From tackling climate change to supporting an ageing society to confronting Covid-19, there is an opportunity to harness the power of new ideas, new approaches and new products and services.

Increasingly, innovations will be delivered through interdisciplinary approaches that require collaboration across industries and expertise from the arts and social sciences through to science and engineering.

Our research and innovation projects explore how the UK’s ambitions for a more research-intensive society and innovation-led economy can be delivered through greater collaboration between industry and academia.

Research & innovation

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