The University of Birmingham has a proud history of working with industry and pioneering approaches to transform business since its inception in 1900.

Established as the UK’s first civic university, its founder, Joseph Chamberlain, recognised the importance of university-business collaboration to drive society and the economy, share resources and knowledge, and make important things happen.

This is a tradition that has been built on: from the establishment of the UK’s first business school, through to the eleven alumni and staff who have been awarded Nobel Prizes for their research. Through robust, bespoke and productive collaborations, the University is transforming how business interacts with academia.

The University of Birmingham has a dedicated Business Engagement team who develops and grows relationships with many commercial businesses, small and large. Their partnerships are far-reaching and diverse. Successful businesses are crucial for economic growth and we believe that by partnering with us we can help to grow and continue the success of your business.