Since its formation in 1876, the University of Bristol has become one of the leading institutions in the UK and operates globally, recognised for its research and academic excellence.

The University has a strong interdisciplinary approach and regularly features among the top ranking institutions in global league tables. The University of Bristol’s mission is ‘to pursue and share knowledge and understanding, both for their own sake and to help individuals and society fulfil their potential’. This is underpinned by a vision where it is an international powerhouse of learning, discovery and enterprise.

Key to Bristol’s vision is a clear and consistent articulation of what it stands for and a dialogue with its many stakeholders and the public about the wide range of research and other activities carried out at the institution.

The University also plays a lead role in the city of Bristol’s cultural and economic well-being and carries out an extensive programme of events and activities on behalf of the city, as well as being a keen supporter of partner organisations’ activities.