Equality, diversity and inclusion

Universities and businesses share a commitment and responsibility to support equality, diversity and inclusion. From building diverse workforces and inclusive workplaces, to ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to access the life-changing opportunity of higher education.

The UK can only succeed when everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. Universities and businesses have rightly vowed to listen, support and learn further about long-standing, structural inequalities.

Despite significant progress in boosting access to higher education, gaps and imbalances do remain in the make-up of the student body, the experience of higher education and the workplace, and in the employment outcomes of graduates.

At a local level, some employers and universities collaborate in positive ways to help narrow the outcomes gap. From targeted joint initiatives between careers services and employers to improve career guidance, advice and outreach. To shared employability and skills courses and events. To exchanging information and good practice. However, the level of collaboration is far from uniform and the level of employer involvement will vary by geography, institution and subject. This means that not all students and employers are benefiting.

We work with our members to consider ways in which collaboration between universities and businesses can help advance equality and inclusive practice in all their activities.