Patterns and Trends

NCUB is a data-led organisation, and much of the recommendations we make and conclusions we come to in our work is informed by robust, impartial evidence from a wider variety of data sources.

We publish an annual Collaboration Progress Monitor (CPM) that allows NCUB, in partnership with its university and business members and stakeholders, to assess year-on-year progress on collaboration, examining annual changes and tracking long-term trends.

The CPM contains 25 metrics capturing indicators of collaboration in research and innovation, and skills and talent, and includes data for each devolved nation, recognising the importance of collaboration across all parts of the UK. The CPM pulls together data from a range of sources including: the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) records (including the Higher Education Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey), the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Graduate Outcomes and data published by the Department for Education.

We also regularly interrogate national data sets to understand and share collaboration trends, as well as generating our own novel analytics to track progress.