The Open University is a global leader in flexible higher education. Our unique experience honed from working with over 30,000 organisations, helps 250,000 people develop higher skills every year.

For over 40 years, The Open University has developed an unrivalled expertise in how adults learn and apply that knowledge at work. They specialise in ‘practice-based learning’ which enables staff to embed new ways of working from day one – not just at the end of their studies.

They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to gain high level skills. The quality of their learning materials and support they provide means that students can succeed whatever their starting point.

Their scale enables them to train around 250,000 students every year, including over 16,000 overseas. Many companies choose to work with the Open University to roll-out programmes across multiple sites for a consistent learning experience. Their capability allows organisations to grow the graduates they need, fix skills gaps and put into place leadership succession plans.