UK space industry and space science boosted with collaboration between Jisc and Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd to transform connectivity.

Digital solutions provider for UK education and research, Jisc, worked with communications hub Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd, who supported Tim Peake’s space mission.

Goonhilly Earth Station opened up to faster and more secure connectivity by connecting to the world-class Janet network through Jiscom, the commercial arm of Jisc. Goonhilly’s improved infrastructure is a significant benefit for the site’s international collaborators from the space and TV industries, to individual businesses and universities.

Supporting and managing satellites for a number of global satellite operators, Goonhilly is a downlink station for earth observation networks and plans to become the world’s first private Deep Space ground station. This rapidly growing business needs the extra capacity provided by the new connections to Janet, the UK’s national research and education network.

“Goonhilly Earth Station plays a key part in a concerted effort to increase the number of skilled jobs in Cornwall and on Scilly and I am delighted by the growth of this high-tech business.” Derek Thomas MP

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Jisc also enables eduroam on the site, allowing visiting students and academics seamless wi-fi through their institutional log-ins, so the next generation of satellite scientists benefit from the same connectivity. “Goonhilly is a commercial satellite earth station – we need reliable, fast connectivity for our commercial clients. However, we also bridge a significant gap into academic research, teaching and data services. The Janet network’s wide range of interconnect options
coupled with a highly available, uncluttered service provides excellent value for money.” Goonhilly Earth Station CEO Ian Jones said.

“Not only does this generate additional revenue for the research and education sector that Jisc supports, but it very much speaks to our mission of research collaboration and innovation. It will be exciting to track the progress of Goonhilly as it continues to support education and the knowledge economy.” Tim Marshall, MD of Jiscom