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A key barrier to a researcher applying knowledge and expertise is access to more industrial contacts. Understanding more about the areas where you work can be applied can accelerate your technology’s route to market, or help you identify new research opportunities.

Konfer brings together a breadth of opportunities for collaboration or funding that can be smartly matched to your research interests. In addition, users can access our business network and explore more opportunities for research with industry partners.

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How can konfer help?

All in one solution

Access to the largest database that combines research projects, innovative companies, research opportunities and funding calls.

Gather information

Gather information about technologies, markets and how your research and ideas can be a part of future developments.

Connect & respond

Connect to industrial calls for your research and expertise, or invite new business contacts to discuss your research ideas.

Using konfer

Respond to an opportunity

Search & Discover

Horizon Scanning

Invite experts to collaborate

Smart-matched requests for your expertise are sent to you

Explore the opportunity by “Connecting”

Work with new business partners to further knowledge exchange

Search for partners or funding for your next project

Use our advanced search functions to identity useful contacts and resources

Find and connect to new funding calls, collaboration opportunities or other experts and companies that could further your research

Search for new project ideas, emerging technologies, or areas of use for your research

Use our advanced search function to identify useful contacts and resources

Summarise key aspects of trends in your field of research to better understand the way forward

Search for new partners from industry to help with your project

User our advanced search function to identity useful contacts and resources

Invite them to connect through konfer to discuss your project and potential opportunities

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