Unlock innovation through a joined-up offer

The UK needs a business focused offer. Achieve this by creating synergies between components of the research and innovation system.

Successful innovation requires agile, responsive, risk-driven approaches with a clear focus on a purpose defined by demand led signals and user needs. UKRI, in partnership with devolved funding bodies, should review the foundational components of their research and innovation funding systems and actively identify where a more joined up approach can be developed. The Government also has a critical role to play in joining up wider fiscal and regulatory initiatives to business designed to encourage research and innovation.

Innovation Collaboration Zones

The Government, with UKRI, should establish a network of Innovation Collaboration Zones across the UK aligned to commercial missions. To level up across the UK, create simpler mechanisms to help businesses innovate, and galvanise industry and academia around specific, defined commercial challenges, the Government should establish Innovation Collaboration Zones. The purpose of the Innovation Collaboration Zones would be to leverage all R&D and innovation drivers, from tax incentives and deregulation of land use, through to co-location of expertise and research facilities, to deliver the commercial missions from research through to development and innovation.

A joined-up system

UKRI should review how existing funding schemes may be more overtly joined up to deliver Commercial Missions. To deliver commercial missions, UKRI, in partnership with devolved funding bodies, should consider ways to more overtly join existing funds up to create a more streamlined experience for the businesses and universities accessing them. There is also a need for more funding for higher risk breakthrough research. The proposed UK ARIA should play a complementary and coordinated role in attracting public and private sector investment to supporting such breakthrough research.