King’s College London is an internationally renowned university delivering exceptional education and world-leading research. They are dedicated to driving positive and sustainable change in society and realising their vision of making the world a better place.

Through the University’s commitment to exceptional education, impactful research and genuine service to society, they are creating positive change in our communities, both in London and on the world stage. Their Strategic Vision 2029 looks forward to their 200th anniversary in 2029, and sets out ambitious plans in five key areas:

  • Educating the next generation of change-makers
  • Challenging ideas and driving change through research
  • Giving back to society through meaningful service
  • Working with our local communities in London
  • Fostering global citizens with an international perspective

King’s aim to be regarded throughout the world as a civic university at the heart of London, working in partnership to contribute to the success of the city of London while drawing on its many possibilities in education and research. This means close collaboration with London’s businesses, policymakers, universities and further education institutions, and deepening connections with the communities in their home boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark and Westminster. It also means connecting the global to the local, extending the reach and benefits of problem solving to generate knowledge that benefits London and the world.