For the past 60 years, the AWE name has been synonymous with science, engineering and technological excellence in support of the UK nuclear deterrent and nuclear security needs.

AWE plays a crucial role in national defence by providing and maintaining the warheads carried by Royal Navy submarines. They are responsible for everything from design and manufacture to in-service support and decommissioning of the warhead.

AWE works together with a range of national and international partners to help keep the world safe and secure with a credible nuclear deterrent as well as exercising its unique skills and capabilities to support nuclear non-proliferation. They are a centre of scientific, engineering and technological excellence. The scientists, engineers, technical and business specialists employed by AWE are world renowned and they have some of the most advanced research, design and production facilities.

As a trusted partner to UK Government, AWE plays a pivotal role in support of the UK contribution to international arms control treaties and national emergency response arrangements. Their unique expertise also assists the UK Government in developing and delivering a range of innovative and integrated support services, including national nuclear security and counter-terrorism solutions.