The MSc Management and Leadership is viewed by Kentz as an intrinsic part of the success of strategic projects.

Kentz Engineers & Constructors has been in the construction business for over 90 years. The company has more than 14,000 employees in 28 countries with a turnover in excess of $600m. Traditionally Kentz had an in-house executive management programme. However following a phenomenal period of growth it was felt that there was a need to support the growth of the company and develop its future leaders with a robust, bespoke Masters programme in Management and Leadership. The course had to meet the needs of a young, keen and mobile work force that is often managing projects in challenging environments and cultures.

The solution:

Kentz approached staff from Nottingham Business School about developing a Masters programme that could nurture talent within the organisation. Through performance reviews, which included succession and career planning, Kentz identified the first cohort of 13 high potential employees working in different areas of the organisation.

NTU devised a three-stage postgraduate programme – MSc Management and Leadership, Postgraduate Diploma Management and Leadership, and Certificate Management and Leadership – in which two modules are delivered each year in week-long, full-time intensive study blocks. One module is delivered at NTU and the other is delivered abroad. Each module includes an extended piece of coursework, where the students are expected to complete a project related to their role within the company.


“The student projects can prove invaluable to Kentz.”

NTU took time to build a relationship with Kentz and has created a programme of excellence.

The MSc Management and Leadership is viewed by Kentz as an intrinsic part of the success of strategic projects. This course recognises the need to develop strong-minded individuals who are pressured for time, and enables them to make a realistic commitment to learning. Students are encouraged to step back and consider how they lead and manage. The structure of the course means that the new layer of management has strong links, which will benefit the company in the future.

The student projects can prove invaluable to Kentz. For example, one student project on corporate social responsibility included distribution of a survey to all 14,000 employees, gathering important data that was needed by the company.

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