BizX, an online SME support series, which is being co-developed by Jonathan Deacon (Professor of Marketing, South Wales Business School) and Chris Wright (Manager of USW Exchange) officially launches this month to USW’s business community.

The series which covers a range of timely topics including: digital marketing; manufacturing; hospitality and tourism; supply chain management and more, delivers top tips, insights from current research and academic thought-leadership in light of the ever-changing economic context presented by Covid-19.

BixX contributors, including the University of South Wales’ academic experts and Visiting Fellows from industry, will support SMEs to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, and develop new insights and skills to help them survive, pivot and come out the other side of this unprecedented time.

Building back better

Jonathan Deacon, Professor of Marketing at the University comments:

“The next issue for the Welsh economy is how we recover from a period of stagnation and face a period of recession. Clearly our SME community are going to be on the front line of this recovery stage and here at the South Wales Business School we want to support where we can those businesses who need help in both recovery and transformation as we ‘build back better’ here in Wales.”

Post-Covid-19 economic activity will see all businesses in need of some form of transition – especially digital transformation – however, there will be some businesses that will change a little and others that will need to change completely. BizX makes available a range of resources that can assist businesses and organisations to make those choices.

Watch now 

You can view the full schedule for the BizX on the webpage here, including the first three instalments in the series which contain an introductory state of the nation look at the economic picture from Professor Deacon, and the first two instalments in the digital marketing skills collection from Visiting Fellow Luan Wise.

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