The Education Select Committee has today launched a new inquiry into international student tuition fees. This will be welcomed by universities and businesses alike, who both reap benefits from the inclusion of international students.

Dr Joe Marshall, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB), said: “We warmly welcome the announcement of a new inquiry to assess the changing landscape of international student enrolment in UK universities. International students deliver wide ranging benefits to the UK, and we are confident that the inquiry will find that the graduate visa has played a crucial role. We know that international students make a significant economic contribution – they contribute £41.9 billion to the UK economy. The financial influx from international students significantly bolsters UK universities. They help facilitate enhanced research, innovation and educational offerings for domestic students.”

Marshall concluded: “However, beyond the economic advantages, international students enrich the academic environment, fostering diverse perspectives and cultural exchange. Their presence not only enhances the learning experience for domestic students but also creates numerous networking and collaborative opportunities, preparing all students for success in an increasingly globalised world. In no uncertain terms, universities and businesses alike benefit from our intake of international students, and we hope this enquiry will hammer home this finding.”