Pearson College London partnered with six leading FTSE100 companies (Tesco, Unilever, Direct Line, Pearson Plc, IBM and WPP’s Ogilvy) to launch the UK’s first Rotational Degree Apprenticeship in Business Management, combining first class work experience in three companies while gaining a degree in Business Management.

The impetus behind this unique programme was the identification that there is a noticeable gap in higher-level provision that combines both vocational and academic learning, and degree apprenticeships are the opportunity to fill this gap. “For employers and learners alike, degree apprenticeships are a good step forward. Learners earn while they learn to degree level, and employers have access to relevant, responsive, highly-skilled employees, impacting their business growth and the local economy. It’s a win-win scenario!” Els Howard-Polman, consultant Pearson College London, architect of the Rotation Degree Apprenticeship.

Our RDA programme is designed to deliver apprentices who begin to learn sector specific skills from day one; developing specialist knowledge that will positively affect the workforce. Students benefit from practical experience alongside academic learning with a fully-integrated degree co-designed by employers. They bring the world of business and the world of education closer together. At Pearson College London we look for candidates with the right skills, passion, drive, mindset and commitment to meet the demands of the businesses, while studying one day a week alongside the job.

Students spend up to one day a week at our recently refurbished learning space at 190 High Holborn, at the heart of London’s Midtown district (if their apprenticeship is based in London or surrounding areas). We also deliver blended learning for students further away. Working effectively with industry partners is part of Pearson College London DNA and we have dynamic and strong relationships with a wide range of employers. Pearson College London is committed to playing an active role in developing and delivering degree apprenticeships. We are looking forward to launching our second RDA in March 2017.

“We believe that business can play a positive role in education. By investing in young people we can help build the skills our industry needs and help young people into employment. The Rotational Business Degree with Pearson Business School is a valuable new opportunity for young people from all backgrounds to develop skills and gain a degree while working, which we believe is an important innovation for education in the UK.” Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO WPP

Our partner organisations welcome the introduction of Degree Apprenticeships. They will offer young people another accessible and attractive way to unlock their talent, and ensure the UK has the high-skilled workforce it needs to drive growth and innovation in our economy.