The National Centre is thrilled with the recent report following up on its Creative, Digital and IT Task Force, as the North East Fuse shows the extent that ‘fused’ businesses are helping with tech employability.

In the North East, employability is up 22.6% in creative and digital industries compared to 19% Nationally. This progress is thanks to five of the North East’s universities’ work with local authorities, businesses, artists, cultural organisations and numerous other partners.

Other key findings include:
• Two-thirds of North East CDIT businesses are ‘fused’ – combining ideas from creative design and technology in their work.
• Of the fused businesses, 64.7% reported growth.
40% of businesses and freelancers who responded to the survey have always lived in the region.
• 70% of businesses and 71% of freelancers said the local market is important, while 30% said London was a very or extremely important source of revenue, followed closely by international markets at 27%.

North East Fuse follows on from the National Centre’s Brighton Fuse report, which provided deep empirical evidence of the economic impact of arts and humanities skills as drivers of innovation and growth in the digital economy.

Brighton Fuse recently led to a £1bn local economic impact and the success of North East Fuse is well on its way to fulfilling an incredible legacy. Dr David Docherty, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB), who authored the original ‘Fuse’ report, said:

“I’m delighted to see the Creative Fuse flourish, this is the third major Fuse project to stem from our Creative, Digital and IT Task Force.
“We’ve seen the incredible economic impact that this project has delivered and we’re looking forward to watching Creative Fuse progress and spread its magic around the North East.”

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