Communications technology business TeleWare is collaborating with Teesside University to share knowledge and drive innovation through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Through the KTP, TeleWare will work closely with Teesside’s leading academics to create cutting-edge solutions that answer real business needs.

The partnership will focus on Big Data, machine learning and customer analytics – key areas for both organisations in 2017.

TeleWare is looking more and more at how customers interact with businesses, be it through traditional call centres, social media, web chats or other channels.

The KTP examines the best way to collect data from customer interactions and analyse it to enhance customers’ experiences. Machine learning is a large part of TeleWare’s CX Analytics as the technology can learn best practices and then deliver those insights back into businesses.

KTPs are part funded by Innovate UK. Dr Teng Fu, an Artificial Intelligence specialist, will be based with TeleWare full time, ensuring that TeleWare has permanent access to a highly-skilled member of staff with excellent knowledge of the subject and industry.

This will assist product teams to design solutions with the full advantage of Teesside University’s research capabilities, as well as a broader understanding of the environment in which they will be deployed.
Paul Miller, Teleware CEO: “Having this academic support to constantly improve our knowledge is paying real dividends in terms of how we develop our solutions.”

Throughout the 2 year partnership, TeleWare will gain access to research expertise from Dr Yifeng Zeng and Dr Claudio Angione from Teesside University’s School of Computing.

Dr Geoff Archer, Head of Knowledge Exchange at Teesside University said: “To maintain a technological advantage, businesses today must gain insight from a range of different sources including the latest academic thinking and theories.

“This will allow them to more fully understand the needs of their customers and their industry. Through working with TeleWare, we are able to give them the benefit of our knowledge to guide them in their development process. It’s exciting for us to then see a practical application of our thinking.”

Paul Millar, Chief Innovation Officer at TeleWare said: ‘We’ve always had a great relationship with Teesside University, in fact, our own CEO Steve Haworth is a Teesside graduate.

“The KTP is proving to be very fruitful for us as we continue our journey into CX Analytics and enhancing the communication between businesses and their customers. Having this academic support to constantly improve our knowledge is paying real dividends in terms of how we develop our solutions.”

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