medicine-manufacturingUnderstanding the movers and shakers in a particular field can often be tricky, especially in one as complex and diverse as in the manufacture of medicines.  A new portal developed by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) aims to help navigate what are often muddy waters.

The portal, which was developed on behalf of the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP), aims to reduce some of the confusion around what the UK is doing in the sector across industry, academia and government.

The portal will highlight the key activity in the sector, connecting up the key individuals and promoting the sector domestically and internationally.  It’s believed to be the first site of this nature to operate in the medicines sector in the UK.

George Freeman MP, Minister for Life Sciences, says: “Innovation in medicines manufacturing is making this a hugely exciting and important strategic sector for UK Life Science. The UK has a world-class ‘offer’ for businesses built on access to leading science and the ability to tap into national resources to innovate manufacturing processes, for example through the National Biologics Manufacturing Centre, the Cell Therapy Catapult and Manufacturing Centre and the Precision Medicine Catapult. This new portal developed by KTN on behalf of MMIP explains in one place what resources there are to support businesses involved in medicines manufacturing, making it easier to get the information they need, find companies they might want to engage with across supply chains, and see live information on access to finance.”

You can access the portal free of charge here –

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