Water is a precious resource that needs our protection. It keeps our world turning and every day, billions of people around the globe rely on it.

An increasing population and the growing threat of climate change means water companies around the world must find new ways to conserve water, to ensure it’s there for future generations.

Here at Severn Trent, we accept that we don’t have all of the solutions to these big problems. However, we know that innovation and collaboration will play a big role in solving them.

Looking beyond our own capabilities and area of expertise is something we, as a company, truly believe in. It’s part of our DNA. We have a proud history of working with other water companies and sharing ideas – an approach that can bring fantastic results. However, we feel there’s lots more we can learn from outside of the industry too. That’s why working with konfer is such a natural fit for us.

We’re excited by the idea that this platform will put us in touch with experts from across different disciplines and industries, including universities, research institutions, manufacturers and other commercial organisations. Crucially, we’re hoping the pool of expertise captured by konfer will also highlight solutions to our problems that we hadn’t even thought of!

Among the many things that impressed us about konfer are the collation of funding opportunities available to support the development of new and innovative solutions. Some of the solutions might be radical and game changing, which could be difficult for organisations to fully accept the development risk. By forming partnerships and getting support through funding, it will encourage businesses to take those risks.

Our areas of focus for future collaboration include reducing leakage, asset management, treatment processes and water transportation. However, we’re not limiting ourselves to the challenges on this list. We’d welcome other ideas, solutions and research opportunities that you think may benefit us, so please do get in touch!

We’re really excited to be the first business organisation to launch a company page on konfer. We look forward to using the platform and forming collaborations in the near future.