The National Centre’s Growing Value Scotland Task Force’s Final Report differs from other similarly oriented reports.

It pulls together a group of people willing and able to discuss an alternative to our normal focus on academic and scientific research-led innovation.

The core, driving message of the report is that whilst it is vital that we invest in that direct conversion of research to delivery of economic benefit, we need to do this in addition to creating a demand pull from our businesses, on our academic and scientific research base.

By bringing in market opportunity and demand to the mix, and recognising it as a driver for innovation, not only do our universities benefit from helping our companies compete and succeed, but it also gives our research base insights that can allow both take up of existing research outputs and shape future research.

Significantly improving our business competitiveness and productivity will deliver economic impact and develop the business investors in R & D for the future.

We were all delighted to see Deputy First Minister John Swinney, expressing his views at the launch of the Task Force’s report, commenting on “the critical nature of ensuring that we get the most out of the opportunities for business and university collaboration as part of the wider agenda, to fuel innovation within the Scottish economy.”

The Growing Value Scotland task force has succeeded in putting this part or the spectrum firmly on the innovation agenda and we look forward to its continual development.