Members of the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) welcome the government’s industrial strategy and stress the vital strategic importance of universities, businesses and policy-makers working together for growth and prosperity.

To deliver on this strategy the UK must have well-funded universities, a growing research and development fund, and have policies ensuring the UK is the best place in the world for businesses to partner with universities.

Sam Laidlaw, Chairman, said: “Our members are completely committed to the skills and innovation agendas and are leading and supporting commercialising the UK’s world leading science base and developing skills”.

David Docherty, Chief Executive, said: “We look forward to continuing work with the government and devolved administrations on delivering: the scale-up in commercialising our research base through the digital platform,; developing skills through our work experience app, BrandU; and our work in mapping and analysing the strengths of different places through the Smart Specialisation Hub.”

National Centre Member, Janet Beer, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Liverpool, said: “Universities are both well positioned and absolutely committed to play their part in working with business and government to embed science and research at the heart of growing regional economies.”

National Centre Member, Rob Woodward, CEO, STV Group plc and co-Chair of the Growing Value Scotland Task Force said: “The National Centre’s Growing Value Scotland work highlighted the power and potential of the creativity and inventiveness of our universities to transform business ecosystems, processes, services and technologies in order to maintain a competitive edge in global innovation. It is reassuring to see the Industrial Strategy complementing that.”


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