Last year, we wrote about a recent partnership by Loughborough University and Lumo Run to embed wearable fitness tracking technology inside shorts and other sportswear.

The University have continued this strong tradition with a unique wireless technology that’s capable of measuring the impact to the body of various sports.  The wearable sensor detects vibrations and contains a microprocessor that can handle the large volume of data generated over a prolonged period.

The wireless nature of the technology ensures that the movement of the athlete will not be restricted, thus providing both accurate readings and unhindered performance.

Varied applications

The researchers also believe that the technology could prove useful in clinical settings.  For instance, they suggest it would allow for accurate detection of falls, with the sudden movement associated with the fall triggering an alarm that alerts support staff.

The technology has been developed alongside DJB Instruments Ltd, and is the result of approximately £150,000 investment.

Peter Strutton, Business Development Manager at Loughborough University, said: “This collaboration allows us to make big strides forward into the world of next generation wireless technology where microsensors can be used discreetly in small spaces, without affecting the behaviours which are being monitored.

“Because our wireless accelerometers will be made of smaller and lighter components, this means that they can be used to gather detailed and accurate knowledge of movement and vibration in a variety of settings, including aerospace and automotive, without the restriction, cost and complexity of traditional wired methods.”

Neill Ovenden, Managing Director of DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd, which is known for its patented high sensitivity products and measurement sensors, said: “We have been going through a structured growth programme over the last few years and have enjoyed great success in developing and launching new products. This has led to a strong growth in sales, however we have to look to the future.

“This partnership with Loughborough University is a critical element of our technology platform development. We are very lucky to be working with one of the UK’s leading engineering universities, and we are looking forward to learning from the team there as well as passing on our own industry experience.”

See the product in action via the video below.