A partnership between the Psychology department at Goldsmiths, University of London and creative ad agency adam & eve DDB illustrates the benefits of ongoing collaboration and pooling of human resources.

Daniel Müllensiefen, senior lecturer in psychology at Goldmsiths described the informal nature of the knowledge transfer. “On a daily basis there might be ad hoc calls or emails relating to new creative ideas…if there is any scientific or academic background or truth to it…is there any way of testing it?”

Hannah Mackenzie, planner at adam & eve DDB explained the benefits of “having Daniel in our offices one day a week we can very quickly fire questions”, so “when we go to our clients with a strategy which insights from psychology have fed into we know that they’re rigorous and that helps us with selling and strategies with clients.”

The university and its students have benefitted with guest lectures and expertise from adam & eve DDB.

Like the best university – business collaborations, this success story allows both partners to “draw on each other’s strengths”.

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