Many people ask us how collaboration works best, and how to break down the barriers for universities and businesses to work more freely, openly and productively with one another. has recently seen high profile commentators illustrating the challenges we face, promoting collaboration between universities and businesses. But sometimes it’s just important to highlight what is working – a recent study from Beauhurst has shown that grant funding is integral to collaborative projects between universities and businesses. It showed that 89% assessed collaborative projects between centres of research excellence and businesses, would not have started without a grant.
In the wake of Dame Ann Dowling’s review, which highlighted a number of NCUB projects pioneering collaboration in the UK, this new information could not be more timely. The Beauhurst report shows us 89% partnerships assessed were considered a success, with 96% surveyed businesses stating they would consider further collaborative projects.
Positive stories sometimes carry less media ‘clout’ but nonetheless, we see this as very encouraging.
We’ll continue to post success stories and key opinion leaders’ views, whilst reports like these continue to show us not just the importance of grants to the collaboration process, but the level of willingness for this good work to continue amongst those who are doing amazing things for the UK economy.