The University of Plymouth is set to take the lead on a new government supported research project, ORE Supergen.

The £5 million project aims to bring together expert researchers across the offshore renewable sector over 4 years to address its research challenges.

The Supergen programme was established in 2001 to deliver insights on important research areas such as energy storage, bioenergy, wind power, tidal and wave energy.

Professor Deborah Greaves, Head of the School of Engineering and Director of the COAST (Coastal, Ocean and Sediment Transport) Laboratory at the university has been appointed to lead the project.

Highlighting some of the aims of the project, Professor Greaves said:

“In order to realise the potential of offshore renewable energy and maintain the UK’s leading position in this field, the sector needs to address some significant challenges. The specific research challenges facing offshore wind, tidal and wave technologies are quite distinct, but by developing synergies and collaborations we can add to existing research and expertise. Therefore, a coordinated response from different actors at national and regional level is required in order to tackle these challenges successfully.”

Professor Greaves says that it is important for the project to reflect the differences and synergies between the different sectors and that it will adopt a collaborative approach.

Initial funding has been granted by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

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