Today the Government published a detailed prospectus for ‘Pioneer’ – an alternative to Horizon Europe which will be activated in the event that we do not associate to the transnational EU research and innovation funding programme.

Commenting on the document, Mr Freddie Jones, Head of Policy and Engagement at the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB), said: “It is a positive development to see further detail on the UK Government’s plans for Pioneer – the domestic-designed alternative to Horizon Europe. The package, worth nearly £15 billion over 7 years, would provide a strong platform for meaningful international collaboration on research and innovation for UK researchers and businesses.

Jones concluded: “But we should be clear: the preferred outcome for both the UK Government and for our research and innovation communities is a swift, positive agreement between the UK and the EU on association to Horizon Europe, following years of uncertainty. The plans published today ensure, however, that we have a clear ‘Plan B’, should fast association prove impossible.”