The first days at university can be a bit terrifying, as well as enormously exciting and challenging. The thing I remember most is the sheer range of societies trying to sign me up. Who knew that people cared so much about so many things?

And, of course, ticking away in the bakground was The Big Question – what do I do next? I read sociology for my undergraduate degree, then did a Ph.D on a French theologian and philosopher and an M Sc in International Relations. I ended up, amongst other things, scheduling Saturday night television on BBC1 and managing interactive media businesses, so in my case, there was no direct read over from what I studied and loved to what I did and enjoyed beyond my time at university.

Outside of medicine, veterinary services and to a certain extent law there is just a huge range of jobs and careers – including building your own through starting a company. The NCUB is committed to helping students navigate this complex world through advice and guidance.

How we can help today

There’s a record number of students starting uni. And it’s great to see that there are signs of an increase in graduate employment – a recent survey found that almost 88% of 2011 graduates are now in employment, and that grad unemployment is falling to pre-recession levels.

As well as our wider work opening doors for universities and businesses, we have resources that can help students find a placement, as well as dozens of case studies showing the projects students’ universities have undertaken with local, regional and national businesses.

Watch this space

Students are at the forefront of our minds with bigger, wider projects, too.

We’re developing a brokerage tool to stimulate university-business collaboration and produce greater opportunities for everyone.

We’re also in very early stages of developing a work experience platform to help students enter the working world, confident in their professional experience in addition to their degrees.

We also have an internal opportunity for an enthusiastic graduate to help NCUB with its ever-increasing need to showcase university-business collaboration with exciting digital content.

Freshers – have fun!

This is the best time and it’s so important that you enjoy it. Join something.

At NCUB, we’re wishing 2015’s freshest batch of students the time of their lives – make sure you check out our website, or tweet us if you need help.