A new report has shown that postgraduate salaries have risen faster since 2010 than for those who hold a first degree.

Graduates are now earning around £1,000 less than they were five years ago, while the wages gap between those with and without a degree is narrowing.

The new statistics, published by the Business Department, do show that graduates are still likely to be earning almost £10,000 more than those who have not been to university, with the employment rate for working age graduates now at its highest level in seven years.

Overall, in the first three months of this year, graduates were typically earning £31,200, while non-graduates were taking home £22,100 – a gap of £9,100. In 2010, the gap was £11,596.
Those holding a postgraduate qualification had the highest salaries, typically around £39,000.

In the first quarter of 2010, the typical graduate salary was £32,396, meaning that earnings have dropped by £1,196 in five years. At the same time, wages for postgraduates have risen by £1,820 and for non-graduates they have gone up by £1,300.

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