This short insight paper provides a snapshot of the UK’s graduate entrepreneurs based on insights from the Graduate Outcomes Survey.

Graduate entrepreneurs are defined as those that, within 15 months of graduating, either started their own businesses, considered themselves self-employed (freelancers), or are at the conceptual stage (i.e., developing a creative, artistic or professional portfolio). It shows that graduate entrepreneurs in the UK come from different backgrounds and locations. They tend to undertake entrepreneurship activities in the places they have an existing connection to. In other words, the majority of UK graduate entrepreneurs are local entrepreneurs (i.e., they were born and studied locally).

For universities, this means that most of the graduates that choose to start their own business will do so fairly close to their university. This also means that most of the new firms and ventures in local areas are most likely to come from local university graduates. Read on for more insights. To read a summary infographic of the key findings, click here.