The National Centre for Universities and Business and the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) are delighted to publish today a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to set out the framework for shared working. 

The MOU sets out how the two organisations will work together to support better collaboration between business and higher education.  It demonstrates an intent to work collaboratively on areas of shared working, and to advance joint activity in relation to talent and skills, and the development of resources.

NCUB and QAA intend to develop resources to support engagement between business and higher education, such as publishing and promoting case studies and other relevant materials and guidance.  The MOU will also lead to joint working with other higher education organisations to host events enabling interaction between those who work at the interface of business and teaching and learning.

Commenting on the MOU, Dr David Docherty, Chief Executive of NCUB said: 

‘Ensuring that our respective organisations are aligned as we advance our work in relation to talent, skills and better engagement between higher education and business is an important step forward. On placements in particular, we can work together to better understand what constitutes a quality placement and good practice.’

Anthony McClaran, Chief Executive of QAA added: 

‘This agreement is part of a significant increase in QAA’s engagement with employers.  We want to help develop and strengthen the contribution of employers to the academic quality and standards of UK higher education.  Ultimately both organisations want to help enhance students’ experiences and help make them more employable; I am sure that in working jointly we will be better able to achieve this.’

Editor’s Notes

The National Centre for Universities and Business develops, promotes and supports world-class collaboration between universities and business across the UK. Our aim is to find practical ways of harnessing the talent being developed in our universities, and the UK’s strength in ground-breaking research and development, for the benefit of the nation’s economy.

Drawing on the 25 years’ experience of our predecessor body, the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE), NCUB is committed to a programme of research, policy development and practical partnerships. From facilitating collaborative R&D, to developing the entrepreneurial and employability skills of students at all stages of their education, NCUB is working to support UK business and higher education in a competitive global market.

QAA safeguards the public interest in the quality and standards of UK higher education. We check how UK universities and colleges maintain their academic standards and quality. We review and report on how they meet their responsibilities, identify good practice and make recommendations for improvement. We publish guidelines to help UK universities and colleges develop effective systems to ensure students have the best learning experience. Further information is available at:

For further information, please contact Zoe Forbes, Public Relations Manager at or 01452 557088