The National Centre’s Strategic Advisor Professor Graeme Reid’s recent review on Scotland’s Innovation Centres Programme was well received yesterday, during a debate in Scottish Parliament initiated by Shirley-Anne Somerville MSP, Minister for Higher Education and Science, and supported by Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Business Innovation and Energy.

Professor Reid’s Independent Review of the Innovation Centres (IC) Programme builds on the successful launch of The Step-Change, the National Centre’s Growing Value Scotland Task Force’s final report, which highlighted the importance of greater collaboration between universities and businesses in Scotland.

The National Centre welcomed the warm reception given to Prof Reid’s review by one speaker after another in the Scottish Parliament debate.  This included clear endorsement of many of the report’s recommendation.

Strategic Adviser to the National Centre, Professor Graeme Reid, was commissioned by Alice Brown, chair of the Scottish Funding Council to conduct an independent review of Scotland’s Innovation Centres programme.

The review concluded that the Innovation Centres Programme is on the right track with some opportunities for improvement, including regular review, assessment and continued public sector support. Professor Reid drew significantly on evidence from the Growing Value Scotland programme when leading the review.

The Board of the Scottish Funding Council has already discussed plans to follow up Professor Reid’s recommendations.

Professor Reid said:

“My review of the successful Innovation Centres points to opportunities for even stronger relationships between businesses and universities in Scotland.  I am enormously grateful for the warm response by Ministers and other Members of the Scottish Parliament.”

In a recent statement, Interim Chief Executive at The Scottish Funding Council, John Kemp said:

“We want the innovation centres to stimulate greater collaboration between industry and academia. The feedback from this mid-term review is extremely encouraging and reinforces the potential of the innovation centre programme in its attempts to achieve transformational change for Scotland’s economy.”

“We are delighted by thoughtful and considered response to Professor Reid’s work, and the National Centre will embed it into its ongoing Growing Value Scotland programme that is helping to power Scottish innovation.”

Article by Shivaun Meehan,
National Centre Head of Communications