millennials-careerThe past few years have seen a vast amount written about the various challenges facing the millennial generation as they enter the workplace.  Numerous studies have highlighted the gap between what young people wish for at work and what they actually receive, so the first forays into the working world can be a disjointing experience.

Throw in the rapid pace of change that experts predict will ensure young people will need multiple careers during their lifetime, assuming of course machines don’t automate those careers away, and it’s a recipe for uncertainty and confusion.

We would like to help young people navigate those first forays into the job market and make successful steps into the workplace.  To that end, we are hosting a live Q&A with author Robert Kelsey.

Robert is the author of four books on how to succeed at work, and is co-founder and deputy chairman of a leading entrepreneurs’ think tank: The Centre for Entrepreneurs

The session will take place on the 18th November at 12 noon, with a live stream of the session also being shown at the MyKindaFuture National Conference.

If you would like to participate, you can do so via the chat window below, or via the Twitter hashtag #robkelseyqanda.  We will be able to offer a 30% discount on Robert’s latest book The Outside Edge (Capstone) to all participants, so we hope to see you there.



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