Interface Polymers has just closed a £2m investment round led by private capital investment group 24Haymarket to advance its unique Polarfin® copolymer additive technology.

Polarfin® additives modify the surface properties of the world’s most commonly used plastics enabling adhesion between otherwise incompatible materials.

Interface Polymers span out of polymer synthesis research at the University of Warwick – where its laboratory operations are based – in 2016. Office headquarters have since been established at Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park to capitalise on the University’s polymer processing expertise.

Commenting on the investment, Phil Smith Chief Executive Officer at Interface Polymers said: “We are delighted to have 24 Haymarket and their investors on board. We have a fast-growing queue of customers waiting to trial our Polarfin® additives so this funding will enable us to scale up production and further develop our value propositions across a diverse range of exciting applications.

“Co-location at the University of Warwick and Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park gives us access to some of the world-class expertise, skills and facilities that we need to realise our plan of becoming leaders in the Polyolefin additives market.”

With strong interest from overseas customers in the packaging, construction and recycling sectors, the nascent business is initially focusing on its range of polyethylene-based additives for use in combination with polar polymers such as polyethylene teraphthalate (PET), polyvinylacetate (PVA) and polystyrene (PS).

Examples of end-use applications under development include elimination of tie-layers in multi-layer packaging, improving paint adhesion and enabling the recycling of mixed plastic waste.

Jean-Lou Rihon, 24Haymarket, said: “This is a first-class management team that we are backing, with in-depth knowledge and outstanding track records in chemicals and other relevant sectors. With the help of the non-executive directors the business should advance relatively quickly into becoming a provider of high performance additives to targeted industries.”