International comparisons show consistently that university-business relations in the UK are among the best in the world.  

UK data shows universities earning more income than ever from interactions with business. Many global businesses now have strategic, long-term relationships with universities. Organisations working across the university and business communities: NCUB, Interface and Praxis-UNICO, for example, are bursting at the seams with success stories ranging from local SMEs to multi-nationals. Why do so many people still claim that the UK is great at research and no good at commercialising it?

Technology transfer is a relatively new pursuit. It has devoted much attention to defining its purpose, developing professional capability and forging a sense of community within the new profession. Technology transfer people have therefore spent a lot of time talking to one another.   This has delivered results. For example at the recent Praxis-UNICO conference there was a great sense of community spirit across the UK: challenges being shared and addressed together by hundreds of people working in a cohesive profession.   Nothing on that scale existed a decade ago: what an achievement…

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