NCUB member Design Council has announced the first high-profile speakers to appear at its Leading Business by Design Summit this summer, with representatives from Rolls-Royce, Dyson and world-renowned design consultants PriestmanGoode on Thurs 18 June.

Taking place shortly after the general election, the event will bring together manufacturers, business leaders, designers and policymakers to discuss the future of manufacturing in the UK, and how design can be key to its sustainable growth and innovation.

The Summit will explore how emerging markets have meant competition no longer takes place between individual businesses, but entire supply chains.

Design Council’s recent work with Rolls-Royce and its global supply chain will be analysed to show how good design is the result of effective collaboration within and between organisations. Design Council has long argued that ‘design-led thinking’ is an important driver of innovation and competitive advantage in any sector.

Paul Priestman, co-founding Director of design and brand experience consultancy PriestmanGoode, explains it is no different in manufacturing:

“Rapid developments in science, technology and materials are changing the way products are designed and manufactured, and it is crucial that British manufacturing has the skills and interdisciplinary framework to adapt. Changes in the broader manufacturing ecosystem mean designers increasingly need to develop a wider skillset. I believe we’ll see design play a more fundamental role in integrating products and services and enhancing customer experience – our work at PriestmanGoode is already showing that.”

Hosted by Birmingham City University, the Summit will bring together decision-makers from a range of industries and sectors. Priestman believes that this type of interdisciplinary event is vital:

“So often with design-related events, there are designers on stage talking to an audience of designers. I think it’s crucial to demonstrate to industry leaders that design can add great value to businesses. I hope this Summit will help foster greater links between design and the manufacturing industry.”

The event will feature speakers from a number of NCUB members, including:

Richard Baker, Head of Supplier Engineering – Rolls-Royce
Professor Dame Julia King, Vice Chancellor – Aston University

The one-day summit will take place on on Thurs 18 June. NCUB members and friends receive £100 discounted entrance by quoting ‘NCUB100’ when purchasing tickets here.