Embedded in the Science and Technology Framework is a commitment to harness and strengthen the UK research base and maximise the commercial run to UK PLC.  The 10 key actions set out and address many of the fundamental elements required to position the UK as a science superpower.

Dr Joe Marshall, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) said: “The Government has set out an ambitious set of commitments to ensure the UK can remain globally competitive in science and technology”.

“The Framework is not narrowly focused on one or two agendas to support this cause  – it rightly identifies a broad range of enablers from investment in infrastructure to building the right talent base. These are bold and ambitious actions to focus the efforts of Government, industry and universities”.

“In setting out a Framework for Science and Technology, which has been muted for some time, this sends an important signal to universities but more importantly businesses that this Government is serious about realising its ambitions to remain a science superpower”.