Millennials are the workforce, employers and consumers of the future. They are technologically proficient, fast learners, a source of new insight, and hold the key to competitive edge. If you are looking to attract top millennial talent to your company, you must provide opportunities that provide them with a sense of fulfilment and enriching experiences.

Offering work experience to current undergraduates is a key way to tap into the pool of fresh ideas and tech savvy skills of the next generation. It’s a great way for employers to market and showcase their organisation whilst allowing millennials a look into a chosen career path. And employers can also build positive relationships with students and find new recruits when they look to fill graduate roles.

A survey from ManPower Group of 19,000 millennials found that 93% identify ongoing skills development as important to their future careers. Further findings from Deloitte’s Millennial Survey show the importance of on-the-job training when choosing an employer.

Here are some ways you can get a head start in ensuring this talented group gain quality work experience at your company.

Offer real experience

Work experience is most effective if delivered in a way that appeals to this generation. Millennials would rather work on projects and tasks where they can learn and contribute, as opposed to admin tasks, like printing and making teas and coffees. Employers should utilise the applicant’s fresh perspective and allow the student to find out where their interest and knowledge fits, as well as making them feel valued. Similarly, it will demonstrate how they apply themselves to the work you need.

Share feedback and listen

Research suggests that millennials look for more regular and real-time feedback on their work as well as opportunities to develop. Giving them feedback, may seem time consuming but it can do wonders for their development, and your chance of recruiting them. Similarly, millennials are used to sharing opinions on social media. Therefore, employers should have regular contact, and an informed review at the end of the placement is crucial to hear how the student found the experience and to share learning for next time.

Inclusive and purposeful

According to Deloitte, two-thirds of millennials say an organisation’s purpose is a reason they would choose an employer. And diversity comes high on the list. Placer is designed to give every student an even break, and offers genuine employers an open and fair platform to reach a network of hundreds of thousands of talented millennials. By offering high-quality work experience programmes, employers can cultivate their relationship with – and get the best out of – the next generation of talent.

If you’re an employer looking to offer work experience, or you already do, sign-up to Placer

David Docherty is Chairman of Placer and CEO of the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB).