UK Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship (SLMDA) starts more than doubled in the first quarter of 2018/19. The need for skilled purposeful leaders in the workplace is growing and the SLMDA provides a means of satisfying this need.

The SLMDA is a forward thinking apprenticeship standard, developed by a group of employers led by Serco, in liaison with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Students who successfully complete the SLMDA through Pearson College London are awarded an MA in Business and Management; and are eligible for either Chartered Membership or Fellowship (depending on previous professional experience) from the CMI.

The standard/programme is designed to develop authentic leadership skills, financial fluency, agility and a thorough understanding of risk-based management throughout a team; essential skills for modern leaders.

“The content is directly relevant and usable in my role. The classroom learning has been excellent and the support has exceeded my expectations.” Dominic Yates, IT Director at Pearson Plc

Some of the modules on the SLMDA include:

  • Purposeful Management and Leadership
  • Adding Organisational Value
  • Contemporary Strategy
  • Finance, Technology and Risk Management
  • Change Management and Digital Transformation

How does the Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship benefit managers?

Adds value

Manager’s completing the SLMDA programme have access to experts and other students from different companies who can offer a wider perspective into different industries and it’s an opportunity to build their network. The content taught is relevant to the current business climate, allowing apprentices to apply what they have learnt within their own workplace, adding value to their team and company. Further to this, SLMDA students will graduate with Chartered Manager Status, delivering £391,443* in added value, on average, to their organisation.

“This course has been a great experience, adding value to my role. It’s also been great to learn from everyone else in my cohort.” Laura Murphey, Senior Marketing Manager at Pearson Plc

Gets results

Learning relevant management and leadership practices allows SLMDA students to evaluate their own leadership performance and make improvements to increase efficiency and therefore get worthwhile results.

“The SLMDA is a great way to develop and empower future leaders. Our staff can apply what they learn directly to their roles and they complete work-based projects which bring strategic value back to the organisation. The block teaching model allows staff to manage study alongside full-time work. As a Manager I have found this course valuable in training, developing and retaining staff.” Teila Smith, Interim Vice Principal of External Relations, Pearson College London

Permits innovation

According to ‘Professionalising Management: the Impact of the Chartered Manager’, 65% of Chartered Managers have innovated to create new products or services within their workplace. Therefore, developing SLMDA students into Chartered Manager’s permits innovation and new ideas to be generated. This is crucial in the modern business world.

Exceeds targets

Possessing this extra qualification not only combines the simultaneous application of study to the workplace and vice versa, but it also assists SLMDA students in exceeding targets: 67% have consistently beaten targets. This is because of the work-based projects: 50% of learning takes place outside of the classroom and in real business application.

“This course is a great passage for personal and professional development without putting pause on one’s career.” Zerin Anzum Karim, Technology Operations Lead at Pearson plc

Boosts confidence

Having an extra management qualification allows managers to feel more confident in both their work and whilst making decisions. They’ll develop the ability to measure their current performance against academic theories learnt in the classroom and will see their confidence elevated as well as their performance in the workplace.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship, please visit the Pearson College London website.