The 30% Club’s latest higher education newsletter reports on their impressive Higher Education and Leadership Seminar.

This outlines ways to help pool ideas across both the corporate and the higher-education sectors to reduce the gender gap across governing bodies and faculties, as well as to analyse and act to improve the experiences of students.

This dovetails with the National Centre’s bold ambitions of encouraging university business collaboration to help solve the UK’s challenges, grow the economy and develop graduate talent. In particular our Women in Leadership Group, led by Rona Fairhead which aims to develop practical actions to increase the number of women in leadership positions in both business and academia, using the strength of university-business collaboration.

With a joint focus on how educators and employers can develop the skills and attitudes in women that will empower them to be leaders, as well as examining ways to bring about the culture change that is needed in UK organisations to ensure progress is made.

A key ingredient of our work in innovation and talent development is building the evidence base and includes busting established myths and assumptions through balanced research. We are therefore keen to encourage responses to the 30% club’s short anonymous survey on actual measurable activities being undertaken in the diversity space.