Unlocking Growth Potential, a hugely successful business growth programme at the University of Nottingham came to a close last month.

Designed for ambitious owners of small and medium-sized businesses in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, Unlocking Growth Potential (UGP) offered a complementary blend of training and coaching, helping business owners to lead their businesses towards the goals they set for them.

Across the three cohorts running from 2017 to 2018, delegates from 60 local businesses such as a modelling agency, a producer of alcoholic ice cream, a property management business and a provider of student and graduate internships completed the programme.

Delegates explored a range of topics that are vitally important for business growth, such as leadership, business strategy, and financial planning. This learning was embedded and applied through one-to-one sessions with experienced business coaches, culminating in each delegate producing a plan for growing their business. Delegates also benefited from being in a cohort with other committed business owners.

The programme was managed by Dave Tuer, who said: “UGP has been a delight to work on, collaborating with such a diverse range of businesses across all three cohorts. It has been a privilege to witness the often profound changes in the business owners’ thinking as they have gone through the programme. I have no doubt that they and their businesses will see lasting benefits as a result.”

Unlocking Growth Potential has been delivered in collaboration with The Centre for Management and Business Development, who ensure the latest thinking around business growth is made accessible and relevant to the SMEs. UGP is part of Enabling Innovation, a three year collaborative programme part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund involving Nottingham Trent University, the University of Derby and the University of Nottingham, which is providing support to over 2,000 local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) over three years.

Although Unlocking Growth Potential has now finished, the University of Nottingham remains keen to engage with businesses to support their development.