DMU provides academic expertise and research excellence that helps businesses to prosper and grow.

Since 2002 DMU has worked with 107 local and national businesses via the Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), improving competition and productivity through the application and exchange of university de montfort growth 2knowledge, innovation and skills.

de montfort growth 2Knowledge exchange helps businesses to:

•    Develop innovative solutions for business growth
•    Increase their company’s competitive edge
•    Improve business performance and operations
•    Increase profitability

Through knowledge exchange, DMU is working with the Airbus Group to protect critical national infrastructure from cyber-attack by launching a research programme to develop a new digital forensic capability for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) industrial control systems that underpin the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

Given their frequent use in monitoring industrial processes including oil and gas pipelines, transportation networks, power grids and water distribution, SCADA systems are prime targets for cyber-attacks.

The university has also helped boost business for bestselling plus-size lingerie company Curvy Kate. As part of the £84,000 deal, academics from the Department of Fashion and Textiles have been working with the London company to transform its business model and product development. DMU has a long-established relationship with Curvy Kate through its renowned lingerie design course.