What is the goal of the National Centre for Universities and Business?

From my recent article for the Huffington Post:

“Educational success drives economic growth.

“As the world economies slog through the impact of the financial crash, few governments have lost sight of the need to invest deeply and for the long-term in a most precious asset – their nation’s talent. And the role of higher education in developing innovators and entrepreneurs in all fields is of vital importance to the UK’s fortunes.

As Gordon Moore, the founder of Intel said of one of the world’s greatest innovation clusters: ‘The most important contribution Stanford makes to Silicon Valley is to replenish the intellectual pool every year with new graduate students.’

“In response to a request from the UK’s Department of Business, and funded by private companies, universities, the four higher education funding councils, and the Technology Strategy Board, we are launching an independent National Centre for Universities and Business.

The new Centre’s ambition is to stimulate prosperity and well-being in the UK through world-class collaboration between companies and higher education.”

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