By Agnes Emri, Digital Content and Communications Officer, NCUB

Dr Carolyn Reeve, Head of Policy for University Research and Knowledge Exchange within the Business and Science Group at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) was awarded NCUB Fellowship at the 2018 NCUB Annual Lecture held on 19 November.

The Fellowship Award seeks to recognise an individual who has championed, driven and advanced university-business collaboration. Previous award recipients have included Sir Tim Wilson in recognition of his government review of University-Business Collaboration and Rona Fairhead, former CEO of the Financial Times Group, for her work championing collaboration in the creative industries.

Presenting the Award to Carolyn Reeve at the Royal Institution in London, NCUB Chairman Sam Laidlaw said: “In awarding the Fellowship award we wanted to recognise the work of someone in Government often working in the background with perhaps less public visibility but playing an absolutely pivotal role in driving this agenda.

“Government is and should be a key partner in supporting university-business collaboration. Carolyn Reeve, as Head of Policy for University Research and Knowledge Exchange, has been at forefront of Government policy in this space.”

Carolyn’s role is to champion all that is good and can be achieved through greater collaboration between universities and businesses, but also defend this agenda when it comes under attack. In her time in Government she has made the case for the uplift in Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF); developed the Research Partnership Investment Fund (RPIF) and is helping navigate a way forward on the Knowledge Exchange Framework.

Accepting the Award, Dr Carolyn Reeve said: “I am somewhat stunned to be honoured alongside such eminent leaders and inspirational champions of university-business engagement, and delighted to accept this as recognition of the collective work of many dedicated and committed colleagues over the years in various departments and in our partner organisations.

“Effective university-business collaboration and engagement is becoming ever more important – and I look forward to continuing to work with you on this critical policy area.”


Published: 22 November 2018