The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) welcomes Dame Ann Dowling’s review of business-university research collaboration, published today. The review highlights:

  • NCUB’s contribution to the review, analysing 297 recommendations from previous reviews on business-university collaboration.

  • NCUB’s Intelligence Brokerage Tool.  This project aims to create an online resource that will help business to identify potential research partners, facilities and sources of support for collaborative projects. This tool will draw from websites such as Gateway to Research, _connect and, creating a service which amalgamates and enhances these functions.

  • NCUB is developing an advisory hub to ‘provide LEPs with information they need to make good investment decisions & uncover opportunities for collaboration & partnering with projects in other areas’.

Dr. David Docherty (Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business) said:

“The Dowling Review is a major contribution to increasing the growth of UKplc though better university-business research collaboration. We particularly welcome the acknowledgement of NCUB’s contribution and look forward to rising to the challenges outlined in report, in particular the development of an intelligent digital brokerage tool to link up the UK’s businesses to its world class university system. We look forward to working with partners as this project develops.”

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