Loughborough University is home to a unique research facility that is supporting the development of domestic energy saving measures.

The matched-pair test houses enable the evaluation of a range of technologies spanning heating controls, thermal storage, and insulation measures.

The identical inter-war semi-detached properties are fitted with synthetic occupancy devices that open and close doors, windows and blinds, and regulate the lighting. This means that conditions inside both houses are the exactly the same throughout test periods. One property is fitted with conventional energy systems whilst the other makes use of new technologies undergoing test and development.

The temperature, energy use and thermal efficiency of the properties are recorded so that direct comparisons can be made to assess the impact of the new technologies.

Willmott Dixon Energy Services delivers energy efficiency schemes in local communities across the UK. The company is making use of the research findings to devise energy-saving systems that will reduce the performance gap and, ultimately, improve the built environment.