Research conducted by Loughborough University continues to shape the development of cricket helmet safety.

Cricket is not a dangerous sport in comparison to many other leisure activities. However, cricket balls can cause significant head and facial injuries unless players are adequately protected.

In December 2015, the Board of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) endorsed changes to the regulations governing the use of helmets across the professional and recreational game.

All male and female cricketers playing in professional matches will soon be required to use helmets which meet the latest British Safety Standard.

Loughborough University’s Sports Technology Institute has previously contributed to the British Safety Standard for cricket helmets, and supported the development of helmets designed to offer greater protection.

To continue the development of helmet safety, the ECB is once again collaborating with the Sports Technology Institute through the sponsorship of a PhD student to research helmet design, head injuries and player safety.

The work will compare old and new style helmets, investigating how they respond to impact. It will also draw on medical expertise to establish what sort of physical events cause concussion, and how helmets can best protect against them.

The findings will underpin ongoing player safety guidelines worldwide.