internet-of-thingsThe Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably the hottest technology of the present day, and opens up enormous opportunities for collaboration in an attempt to make our cities, and indeed our lives, smarter and more effective.  

Only this month the Digital Catapult launched the Building Data Exchange to provide easy access to data, stimulating the crossover of digital technology into the built environment.  The Turing Institute has also recently launched to provide a focal point for data science in the UK.

There is also the Innovate UK sponsored Festival of the Future City, supported by University of Bristol, which is running in Bristol from 17 to 20 November 2015. The event coincides with the launch of the Future Cities UK research project.

Understanding the Internet of Things

Whilst the potential of IoT is beyond doubt, it is also a topic that can be difficult to understand for those not ensconsed in the field.  King’s academic Mischa Dohler (@mischadohler) is currently running a free course on IoT on the Future Learn platform.

“Over four weeks, you’ll meet IoT pioneer, Professor Mischa Dohler, and some of the most experienced experts in the field, from business leaders to future thinkers, to equip you with business insights to help you become an Internet of Things wizard.”

Live Q&A 

To celebrate the launch of the course, Professor Dohler is joining with a panel of experts to answer your questions around IoT, such as why it’s important, how it might impact our lives, and what the biggest opportunities are.

The session will take place on Monday 23 November 2015 from 17:00 – 17:45 GMT.  There are numerous ways you can participate, including Twitter via the #FLiot hashtag or the FutureLearn website.