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Editorial by NCUB Leadership Council Members – Rolls-Royce’s Professor Ric Parker & Imperial College London’s Professor Alice Gast

Two out of every three Singaporean dollars invested in Europe come to the UK. Over 1,000 British firms and every leading UK university collaborates with the country. As Singapore turns 50, it’s worth asking how we got our relations so right. And what more can we learn from the Little Red Dot’s extraordinary rise?

From our perspective as two of Britain’s most successful partners with Singapore, the answer is clear: investment in science and technology.

Over the past 20 years, in the public and private sectors, Singapore has spent more on R&D than most countries as a percentage of GDP and on a per capita basis. And it’s not slowing down: from 2000-2012, Singapore nearly doubled R&D investment. The results are clear. From the high-tech efficiency that sweeps travellers through Changi Airport, to the world-beating personalised medical care in research hospitals; it’s all a product of smart planning and prudent investment.

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