The knowledge transfer partnership between the Ford Bridgend engine plant and Cardiff University’s Schools of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Architecture was recognised by the University’s impact and innovation awards 2013 with the Business Innovation Prize.

The continuing collaboration provides has increased opportunities for graduates and encouraged new technological insights.

As Student Michael Higgins says “there are benefits to all three parties involved in the knowledge partnership. For Ford it accounted for an increase in productivity, and cost savings. For Cardiff University, they were able to test new theories and have access to real-world data which they can use in models. And for myself, I get fast-tracked through a lot of training and I get a lot of industrial experience which I wouldn’t otherwise get.”

Martin Everitt, Plant Manager at Ford added that “the ongoing relationship we have with Cardiff University is vital to supporting the success of Bridgend engine plant within Ford…bringing in new ideas and new concepts that come through an academic environment into a manufacturing base.”

Watch a video from the 2012 winner of the Cardiff Business Innovation Prize.

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